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    About us

    Mary established Shiro’s African Boutique in 2017, after her only child started attending college. Mary was an empty nester unsure of what to do with her next stage of life. As an entrepreneur, who owns an accounting business, Mary decided to open a second business which spoke closer to her heart and roots.

    Mary felt strongly about doing something which would have a deeper social impact which is the intent of Shiro’s African Boutique. Mary, Shiro to her family and friends, decided to bring unique products to the Minnesota market made by individual artists in Kenya, her home country.

    Shiro’s African Boutique works with the same group of Kenyan artists who make the uniquely crafted jewelry and other beautiful small home décor items sold by our store. Shiro’s has a long-standing relationship with the same artists year after year since 2017. Shiro’s not only finds U.S. markets for the artists products, but also our fair buying practices and our large purchases help all the artists sustain their families’ livelihoods and support costly but important costs such as school fees for their children’s education.

    All the items we sell are distinctive and made with recycled materials such as cow bone, banana fiber, wood, coconut shell and aluminum, just to mention a few repurposed resources utilized by the Kenyan artists.

    By buying from Shiro’s African Boutique you are not only purchasing beautiful Kenyan art, but you are:

    1. Directly helping support these amazing Kenyan artists and their families! And,
    2. You are directly engaging in a sustainable supply chain of products made in a sustainable way.